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Article series


‘Governance Arbitrage’ – The risk of losing out in the own sphere of influence.
How ‘equity governance’ contributes to long-term value creation.


‘Governance arbitrage’ – a permanent corporate risk


‘Equity governance’ as approach to making corporate governance work


I. Thinking in investment cases as precondition for corporate governance


II. Shaping the agenda and drawing the decision-making lines

[1] Role modelling the board of directors function

[2] Determining the mind-set for governance within ‘smart data’ and the human edge

[3] Developing a ‘performance code’ as company specific governance imperative


III. Improving the ‘market-to-equity’ algorithm to increase governance yield

(1) Understanding industry dynamics

(2) Creating portfolio momentum

(3) Limiting capital intensity

(4) Increasing productivity

(5) Providing debt capacity


The impact ‘equity governance’ can have on long-term value creation